Physical Adepts in Shadowrun/SilCORE

Physical adepts buy powers with SP at character creation, and with XP once the game begins. The price listed is the flat number of SP required to buy that level of power at the beginning of the game; it is the price to raise that power to that level with XP from the level below it during the game (similar to the way raising skills works), except in the case where the power is only available at one level or where that is the first level of the power.

In addition, some powers require an attribute or skill at a certain level as a prerequisite. Characters must have the attribute at this level in order to purchase it (cybernetic or other augmentation, or magically increased attributes do not count for this). If at any time the character loses the required prerequisites, the power becomes unavailable until the prerequisites are again fulfilled.

Physical adepts also receive the unique ability to buy some Perks after character creation if they so wish, for a number of XP equal to twice the SP cost during character creation. The Perks they may purchase after creation are: Acute Senses (Specific), Double Jointed, Immunity, Sense of Direction, Sense of Time, Strong Immune System, and Thick-Skinned. In roleplaying terms, the character has trained his body in order to gain these new abilities, as he would with any other adept power.

Please note that not all powers from the Shadowrun rules are translated directly into SilCORE; some are consolidated, some are better represented by Perks already, some just didn't quite work with the SilCORE rules. For powers I translated from the Shadowrun rules, I have cited where they originally appeared.

Physical Adept Powers

Astral Perception (SR3, p168)

This power allows an adept to see into the astral plane exactly as a magician can, in order to see auras and other astral phenomena.

Name				Cost		Prereq
Astral Perception		8		PSY 0

Attribute Boost (Specific) (SR3, p168)

One of the more common adept powers, this one allows adepts to temporarily increase their physical attributes for a limited period of time, giving them inhuman physical ability for a short period of time.

Name                            Cost            Prereq

Attribute Boost (Specific) I    4               Attribute 0, PSY 0
Attribute Boost (Specific) II   8               Attribute 0, PSY +1
Attribute Boost (Specific) III  16              Attribute 0, PSY +2

Attribute Boost (Specific) can be bought for AGI, BLD, FIT, PER, HEA, STA, or STR, and for each level of the ability, the adept may raise the value of the attribute by 1 point. This boost lasts for a number of minutes equal to twice the adept's PSY plus 1 (for instance, the power would last 3 minutes for an adept with a PSY of +1); boosts to BLD, FIT, or HEA do not affect secondary attributes figured from their values (but STR does affect UD and AD values).

When the power wears off, the adept must roll a HEA test against a Threshold equal to 4 plus the amount the attribute was boosted. If the test fails, the character takes MoF x10 bruise damage.

Improved Ability (Specific), (SR3, p169)

Another common adept power, this allows the subject a much keener grasp of a certain skill. Generally, these are skills tend to be physical skills, but

This power gives the adept an extra die when rolling a specific skill. The adept may choose from the following skills: Archery, Athletics, Combat Sense, Defense, Hand-to-Hand, Melee, Riding, Sleight-of-Hand, Small Arms, Stealth, and Throwing.

Name				Cost		Prereq

Improved Ability (Specific)	5		PSY 0, (Specific Skill) 2/1

Iron Will (MitS, p150)

This ability gives an adept an increased ability to resist interrogation, mental domination spells, and mind probes. When making a test to resist these forms of mental attack, the adept gets a +1 bonus to the resistance roll per level. This power does not affect resistance to illusion spells.

Name                            Cost            Prereq

Iron Will I                     4               WIL 0, PSY +1
Iron Will II                    8               WIL 0, PSY +2
Iron Will III                   16              WIL 0, PSY +3

Killing Hands (SR3, p170)

Adepts with this power are capable of doing deadly damage with their bare hands. Each level of this power gives the adept a +3 to his UD.

Name                            Cost            Prereq

Killing Hands I                 4               Hand-to-Hand 1, PSY +1
Killing Hands II                8               Hand-to-Hand 2, PSY +2
Killing Hands III               16              Hand-to-Hand 3, PSY +3

Lightning Reflexes

Adepts with this power move with a speed that boggles the mind; they may make fast attacks with no penalty in hand-to-hand combat, or lightning attacks with only a -1 penalty (see SilCORE p50 for fast and lightning attack rules). In addition, adepts with this power receive an extra die for all Combat Sense rolls for initiative and a +1 to all Defense rolls.

Name                            Cost            Prereq

Lightning Reflexes              16              Hand-to-Hand 2, AGI +1, PSY +1

Pain Resistance (SR3, p170)

This ability allows an adept to ignore the pain of his wounds to a certain point. For each level of the ability, the adept can "absorb" an equal number of wound penalties; however, it only affects 1 point of wound penalty per wound (see example). When the adept's pain resistance is exceeded, all wound penalties come into effect.

Name                            Cost            Prereq

Pain Resistance I               4               WIL 0, PSY +1
Pain Resistance II              8               WIL +1, PSY +2
Pain Resistance III             16              WIL +2, PSY +3

Freddy Hammerhand, with Pain Resistance II, runs afoul of some gangers in the Redmond Barrens and is shot while he dives for cover, taking a flesh wound (-1). However, his adept power allows him to function as if he had no wound penalties as he grabs a ganger who gets too close and plants his fist in his face. Unfortunately, one of the ganger's friends shoots him again, inflicting a deep wound this time (-2). Freddy's pain resistance absorbs 1 point of the wound penalty, so now he has a total wound penalty of -1. Deciding to get out of this mess, Freddy makes a run for it, unfortunately taking another flesh wound in the process. His pain resistance overloaded, Freddy now suffers the wound penalties from all of his wounds, giving him a total wound penalty of -4. Things are not looking good for Freddy.

Sixth Sense

Adepts with this ability have an uncanny ability to sense personal danger and leap into action to avoid it. At any time when the character is otherwise unwary and is in danger (for instance, someone is sneaking up behind him, preparing to snipe at him from a distance, or something is about to fall on top of him), he may make a PER roll against a Threshold of 6; if he succeeds, he gets to take action, usually in the form of a Defense roll.

Name                            Cost            Prereq

Sixth Sense                     8               PER 0, PSY +1

Suspended State

This ability allows an adept to sink into a trancelike state of hibernation, reducing the food, water, air, and rate of bleeding in the manner as a magician's Hibernate spell.

	Name			Cost		Prereq
	Suspended State		8		FIT +1, PSY 0, WIL +1

To use the Suspended State power, the adept rolls a FIT test against a Threshold of 4. Add 1 to the MoS of this test and then multiply the result by two; this is the factor by which the adept's metabolism is slowed down.

Traceless Walk

This power gives the adept to walk over surfaces which would normally leave evidence of her passing (such as snow, sand, mud, or thin paper) without leaving a trace. The adept makes no noise from contact with the ground, although gear or clothing may still make noise; the adept gets a +1 to all hearing-based Stealth tests. This power is only active when the adept is actively trying to be stealthy, and does not let the adept walk over liquid surfaces.

Name                            Cost            Prereq

Traceless Walk                  8               AGI +1, PSY +1