Shadowrun/SilCORE Critter Catalog

The Awakened world is chock full of new and exciting critters -- spirits, dragons, devil rats, and a whole slew of other paranormal animals. Below, I have detailed the paranormal animals of the Sixth World and their powers in terms of the SilCORE rules. For critters already covered by Shadowrun rulebooks, I have cited the source I took the information from originally, as well as given a short description of the critter; for more detailed information, see the cited rulebook.

Instead of Combat Sense, critters use their PER to determine intiative. Astral creatures get a +3 bonus to initiative if they are in astral space; while manifesting on the physical plane, they receive a +1 bonus. Instead of Defense, critters use AGI to avoid damage. Instead of Hand-to-Hand, critters use their STR for melee attack rolls.

Mundane creatures have no PSY attribute; however, all paranormal creatures have a PSY attribute greater than zero.

Paranormal Powers and Weaknesses

With regard to the general use of critter powers, refer to the text in the Spirits and Dragons section of SR3. For instance, in order for a creature to use a power on another being, they must share the same "state" (astral or physical). All powers have four basic attributes they all share, similar to spells; type, action, range, and duration; for the most part, the description of these attributes is the same as in SR3; the only differences are that SilCORE has standard actions instead of complex, and critters may sustain a number of powers equal to their PSY plus 4.

Type: P * Action: Exclusive Standard * Range: Touch * Duration: Sustained

The Engulf power is a melee attack which submerges the target within the creature. The creature must make a melee attack against the target; if successful, the victim is engulfed. Every time it is the victim's action, they can attempt to escape; the victim makes a STR test opposed by the spirit's PSY. If the victim wins, he manages to escape. On each of the spirit's actions, engulfed victims must resist appropriate damage:

Fire Engulf - The victim suffers damage as if he had been exposed to a fire with an intensity equal to double the spirit's PSY.

Water Engulf - The victim suffers bruise damage in an amount equal to the spirit's PSY, times the highest result of two dice (similar to fire damage). Each successive turn the victim is caught in the Engulf, the base damage multiplier increases by 1. As normal, if the victim's bruise system shock meter is overflowed, he will begin taking physical damage. This damage is similar to drowning, but worse, because the spirit is capable of exerting great pressure on the victim.

Air Engulf - The victim suffers from the spirit's Noxious Breath power, but takes this damage every round until he manages to escape from the spirit.

Earth Engulf - The victim is the target of a free Hand-to-Hand attack from the spirit; the victim automatically fumbles their Defense roll.

Flame Aura
Type: P * Action: Free * Range: Self * Duration: Sustained

Flame Aura gives a being the ability to make its surface ripple with flames, burning anyone who touches it. Intense forms of this power may make wooden weapons burst into flames at a touch or even melt metal or plastic weapons.

Every successful Hand-to-Hand attack both by a creature with Flame Aura and every successful close combat attack against a creature with Flame Aura suffers damage as if in contact with a fire of an intensity equal to the creature's PSY.

Type: P * Action: Standard * Range: LOS * Duration: Sustained

This power is exactly as stated in SR3, p264.

Immunity (Specific)
Type: P * Action: Auto * Range: Self * Duration: Always

The Immunity power works differently based on what the Immunity is to. Creatures with Immunity to Age do not age and do not suffer from the effects of aging. Creatures with Immunity to Toxins and Pathogens receive a +6 bonus to resist the effects of toxins or pathogens (note that astral creatures cannot be affected by toxins or pathogens anyway).

Against physical damage and various elemental effects, the creature gets a bonus to its STA equal to its PSY x5.

Innate Spell (Specific)
Type: P * Action: Standard * Range: LOS * Duration: Instant

This power allows the creature to create a spell-like effect, usually an elemental manipulation. The creature uses casts the spell using its' PSY instead of Sorcery to make the roll. The spell is cast with a Force equal to its PSY. Generally, creatures which have this power do not suffer Drain.

Type: P * Action: Simple * Range: Self * Duration: Special

A spirit with this power can assume a physical form. Materialized spirits do not require air or nourishment, and are immune to age, pathogens, and toxins. The materialized spirit also has the Immunity to Normal Weapons power.

Materializing or dematerializing takes an exclusive simple action, but remaining there requires no additional effort.

Type: P * Action: Standard * Range: LOS * Duration: Sustained

The being may increase or decrease a subject's movement rate within the terrain it controls, multiplying or dividing the rate by up to double its PSY.

Noxious Breath
Type: P * Action: Standard * Range: Touch * Duration: Instant

The being can project a nauseating stench to incapacitate victims. The victim rolls a WIL or BLD test (victim's choice) against a Threshold of 8; if the roll fails, the victim suffers bruise damage of MoF x8.

Type: P * Action: Standard * Range: LOS * Duration: Sustained

The being can generate psychokinetic energy with a STR and AGI equal to the creature's PSY, similar to the Magic Fingers spell.

Vulnerability (Specific)
Type: P * Action: Auto * Range: Touch * Duration: Instant

The damage multiplier of weapons made from a material the creature has a Vulnerability to is doubled. Wounds inflicted recover in the normal way. Simple contact with the substance causes the creature to suffer a -1 to all action tests, similar to a mild allergy.



Elementals are the embodiment of the four hermetic elements; they do not often appear naturally, usually being summoned by a magician. However, in extraordinary circumstances or in strongly magical locations, elementals have been known to spontaneously manifest.

Air Elemental (SR3, p266)

An air elemental appears as a swirling, vaguely humanoid shape made up of mist or smoke, often shrouded in a cyclone-like sheath of wind and dust.

F+1	F-3	F-2	F-2	F-2	 F

F-2	F-2	F-2    15+5xF	 F

Powers - Engulf, Materialization, Movement, Noxious Breath, Psychokinesis

Weaknesses - An air elemental may be confined in an airtight space; Vulnerability (Earth)

Earth Elemental (SR3, p266)

An earth elemental appears as a chunky, humanoid shape of earth and rock.

F-3	F+2	F-2	F+2	F-2	 F

F-2	F+2	F+1    25+5xF	F+3

Powers - Engulf, Materialization, Movement

Weaknesses - Vulnerability (Air)

Fire Elemental (SR3, p266)

A fire elemental appears as a humanoid shape of fire, or occasionally as a reddish-orange lizard-like creature sheathed in flames.

F+1	F-1	F-2	F-2	F-2	 F

F-2	F-1	F-2    15+5xF	 F

Powers - Engulf, Flame Aura, Guard, Materialization, Innate Spell (Flamethrower)

Weaknesses - Vulnerability (Water)

Water Elemental (SR3, p266)

A water elemental appears as a mass of murky water with an indefinite, ever-changing shape.

F-1	 F	F-2	F-2	F-2	 F

F-2	 F	F-1    20+5xF	F+1

Powers - Engulf, Materialization, Movement

Weaknesses - Vulnerability (Fire)

Nature Spirits