Shadowrun/SilCORE Character Creation

These character creation rules work best if you use the Adventurous Reality Distortion Factor, even if you want to have a Gritty-level game, simply because that gives more flexibility for CP and SP, which are used to buy metahuman races, magical talents, and equipment. The rules in here assume that is what you are using; you may want to adjust some costs if you insist on using Gritty RDF totals for CP and SP.


There are five races to choose from in Shadowrun; each one has different attribute ranges and inherent perks and flaws, as well as modifiers to both CP and SP totals. Humans are the baseline, and as such have no modifiers. The modifiers for the non-human races are as follows:





* While normally the Thick-Skinned perk cannot be stacked in this fashion, this is a special ability of trolls and as such they receive double the usual benefit from the perk.

Magical Aptitude

Now is the time to determine if the character will have any magical aptitude. The costs for the various types of magical abilities are listed below; there is more detail in the pages on the magic system.


Attributes are purchased according to the rules in SilCORE, with the exception that CP may also be exchanged for 40,000Y towards the purchase of gear, including cyberware.

Perks and Flaws

Perks and Flaws are bought with SP just like in the normal SilCORE rules, but there are some adjustments that should be made. Some Perks and Flaws are not appropriate to a Shadowrun game, and there are Perks and Flaws from the Shadowrun Companion that can be ported to SilCORE. While this is, as always, up to the individual gamemaster, my suggestions for alterations to the SilCORE Perks and Flaws list are on this page.

In addition to other Perks and Flaws, all characters receive four free points worth of Contacts to start off with, distributed between one and four contacts as the player wishes.


Skills are bought according to the SilCORE rules, with the exception that SP may also be exchanged for 10,000Y towards the purchase of gear.


Shadowrunners often live and die by their gear; whether a samurai's weapons, a rigger's vehicles, a decker's cyberdeck, or a magician's fetishes and talismans, every runner on the street needs the equipment to do the job. Characters receive a base 50,000Y (or equivalent currency) to purchase equipment, from cyberware to weapons to vehicles. This may be added to from CP (40,000Y per) or SP (10,000Y per) spent.

GMs should use best judgement to determine what sort of items are available for the characters in their game; keep in mind that ratings in SilCORE are different from Shadowrun (generally, they are about half, but it depends on what sort of item and the mechanics of its use in dice-rolling context). Money left over can be kept at its full value.

Most items in Shadowrun can be taken directly from sourcebooks and used in SilCORE pricewise; if an item is not listed in one of the pages on this site, feel free to just take it from a Shadowrun sourcebook and use it.