Shadowrun/SilCORE Conversion

Shadowrun is one of my favorite games, although I've always found the system...well, a tad bit on the clunky side. Dream Pod 9's SilCORE system I've found to be my favorite; it's the best combination of simplicity and flexibility from any publisher I've read, and is made to be generic. It has an integrated tactical combat system and vehicle design system, which helps considerably.

These rules are an effort to combine the Shadowrun setting and feel with the SilCORE rules. Many of the underlying mechanics in Shadowrun are duplicated in SilCORE already (conventional combat, for instance), but SilCORE does not have a magic system that is easily compatible with Shadowrun, nor does it have much in the way of cybernetics rules. In addition, the character creation system does not take into account those or the advantages and disadvantages of non-human races. So, I've begun the process of going through the Shadowrun rules and converting them to a SilCORE analogue.

Below, I've arranged things into three categories. Feature complete means that the section is finished, and will only be tweaked due to playtesting or by rewording to make the section more clear. In addition, collections, such as cyberware, spell, or vehicle catalogs, may have new entries added after being marked as "feature complete". In progress indicates that I'm working on the section and while it has passed my initial writing, I haven't finished hammering things out and they are subject to change. Planned indicates that I plan to work on the section, but it is on the back burner for the moment. I'll update the changes page each time I update the various sections.

Change Log

Feature Complete

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