Sub-Attica - A Prisoner's Eye View

Sub-Attica is a prison that few people know anything about; while not officially a secret, it is rarely talked about and its exact location is not widely known. It is currently owned and operated by Proteus AG, but it was not built by them -- in fact, it was built more than thirty years ago as an attempt at making a self-sufficient underwater colony, long before Dunkelzahn's will made it the goal of a number of the Big Ten.

Unfortunately, it was a failed experiment and the half-completed complex was purchased by a Yakashima subsidiary in the early 2030s and transformed into a prison mining colony to exploit the valuable heavy metals veins in the continental shelf. Unfortunately, those have dwindled to little more than a token of the work at the prison now.

These days, most of the labor at the prison is simply to keep the prison running, with a small number of prisoners in the mines and others handling the diatomite shipments that are delivered by harvester submarines every few days. Even to the prisoners, the purchase of the facility by Proteus is a mystery.

Sub-Attica Walkthrough

Level 1 - Agridomes

When prisoners first reach Sub-Attica, they arrive at the agridomes; originally intended for hydroponic agriculture, they now serve as storage and processing facilities. Agridome 1 is taken up mostly by a giant moon pool 40 meters deep and 60 meters in diameter, used to dock submarines to take in cargo and prisoners. Prisoners are not allowed in here while submarines are docked. After the submarines have left, however, prisoners are used to move cargo from Agridome 1 to other storage facilities; a pair of heavy lifting vehicles are kept here to facilitate that.

Agridomes 2 and 3 contain the foundry used for smelting ores. Agridome 2 contains offices, locker rooms, the control station, supplies and products, and a first aid station. Agridome 3 contains the actual foundry facility. Both can reach temperatures of over 35 degrees C, even in the safe areas, when the foundry is smelting the heavy ores from the mines (not processing diatomite).

Agridome 4 was originally left empty and the prisoners were allowed to use it during recreation hours. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, there was a breach in the basement and it was flooded; now, this agridome has been converted into makeshift offices and storage facilties to replace those that were in the basement. Prisoners are not allowed in this dome without escort -- it appears to be a complete mess, the supply department is at least a week behind in processing orders for supplies.

The agridomes offer the only view of the outside world from inside the prison. This deep, the water is completely black; the lights outside the domes that serve as navigational aids for incoming submarines illuminate very little except exotic aquatic life every once in a long while. Even then, the image is warped due to the thickness of the glass.

Level 2 - Mine Shafts

These mine shafts are in limited use these days; guards bring small mining parties up to the mine shafts daily, but only a few of the shafts are still in use. There are three main arteries, each filled with machinery. Each one also has a flush tunnel that vents directly out to the ocean, barred by a three-door airlock system. These tunnels are used to flush out debris.

Two of the mining arteries are shutdown, and the remaining one is smaller and only half in-use. Active tunnels are lit with glow rods mounted into the wall and AKT plugs are set to explode if a sudden pressure drop is detected. During the day, the tunnel is filled with the noise of the generators, air scrubbers, and other machinery. Generally, most prisoners work in the mining and foundry areas, so there are usually about 100 prisoners working here during the day, accompanied by guards.

Tunnels that are not in use are not lit and can therefore be extremely dangerous. After the flood of the basement, prisoners were forced to bring some canisters up to the mines; these were placed in one of the unused tunnels and sealed off with AKT plugs.

Levels 1 and 2 are not considered part of the prison proper, as they are not staffed or used during the day.

Level 3 - Administration/Security

The administration level is rarely seen by prisoners; those that have been here do not often talk about it, either. It is general knowledge that the staff quarters are here, as well as the prison administration offices and security offices.

Level 4 - General/Life Support

The smallest main level of the prison, level 4 contains General Maintenance and Life Support, which is also generally out of bounds for prisoners. However, some, especially those considered the least dangerous and most technically skilled, are allowed to assist general maintenance personnel in non-sensitive areas of the prison, and are sent to this level for their work assignments. The prison laundry, where many of the prison's "mercies" are sent to work, is also on this level.

About a month after Proteus took control of the prison, this level underwent significant remodelling; one section was locked down and set apart from the rest of the section. None of the prisoners really know what it is being used for (at least, anyone that will admit it).

Level 5 - Main Prison/Recreation/Medical

This level is where prisoners spend most of their time when not on work duty. It is the only level which connects to the cell blocks, and with the exception of a few locked out elevators, they have completely free access to the entire level.

Right outside the cell block are the shower and sink facilities where prisoners are sent before and after work shifts (or whenever they want, if they have free time). Showers are segregated by sexes; the female shower facilities are smaller (as they make up only about a third of the total prison population).

The prisoner cafeteria and kitchen, with an enormous freezer, refrigerator, and stockroom take up most of the western third of the level. The stockroom is always kept at least half full to ensure that there will be no food shortages if there is a problem with one of the supply runs (this has never actually happened that anyone can remember).

The center of the level contains classrooms, a weight room, and conjugal rooms. The classrooms are used for high school level classes in most normal subjects, such as math, science, and arts and crafts; they are also used for support groups to deal with the stresses of living in an underwater prison. Conjugal rooms have a bed and nightstand for prisoners who would like some private time together for intimate encounters. Access to these rooms can only be given by Security, who makes sure that the prisoners have no history of sexual assault, and by Medical, who makes sure they are free of STDs.

Next to the classrooms are the rec room and the counselling rooms. The rec room has tables and chairs for arts, crafts, and games, and on Saturday nights it is converted into a movie room that shows two trids a night. No simsense players or other trideo sets are in the areas accessible by prisoners. Three counselors, overseen by Dr. Elisa Baboinne, work in the counselling rooms and offices, which are nicely appointed with natural lighting, carpeting, and comfortable furniture.

The remainder of Level 5 is made up of the medical wing, which treats both prisoners and staff. While prisoners only have free access to the reception area, virtually every prisoner has seen some other part of the wing when they were treated for injuries or sickness. Dr. Hassan is the head of the medical wing, with a small number of other doctors working under him. The facility is even more cold and sterile than the rest of the prison -- many prisoners turn down receptionist or night watch duty in the medical wing even though it is relatively easy, just because it gives them headaches or nightmares.

Prison Cell Block

The cell block is six levels, connected to the main prison level on level three. Levels 1 and 2 are the Women's Cell Unit, Level 3 is reserved for "mercies" (as level 3 is where the cell block is connected to level 5) and levels 4 through 6 are the Men's Cell Unit. Level 6 also has a ramp leading down into the floor which leads to the ten solitary confinement units. The floor of that level is inset with four tubes, just large enough for an ork to stand up in, that are filled with water cold enough for discomfort but not enough to kill or render a person unconscious. This is the equivalent of the "hole."

Level 6 - Mining and Supply

This level was once used for storage of mining equipment and other supplies. Because of that, the level is much deeper than the other levels in the prison and it is criss-crossed with dozens of catwalks and walkways, with various levels of floor space within it. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, there was an accident that resulted in a serious breach of the outside wall. Before it could be sealed, the basement flooded more than a third of the way -- the lowest levels of the basement are completely flooded, and even the middle level is ankle-deep in freezing-cold water.

As a result, most of the supplies were moved to agridome 4 to keep them from getting wet. Some supplies could not be moved and as a result they were left here, now swallowed up or half-obscured by near-freezing water. A good number of the electrical systems on the level were also fried by the flooding, which means that the level is filled with shadows and dark spots, making it a dangerous place to wander around in.

While for the most part everyone is kept out of this area since the breach, prisoners and staff still go into this level on a fairly frequent basis to get equipment from the dry areas of the station or to retrieve items from "cold storage", which is an area "refrigerated" with cold water that holds volatile materials, such as mining explosives and medical supplies.

The Staff

Generally, the prisoners only have contact with security and medical personnel, as well as a few of the maintenance personnel. Many of the security guards are Desert Wars or law enforcement veterans and have significant augmentations -- which has led to surprises for many new prisoners who try to push their luck. However, the number of prisoner deaths has been kept relatively low, despite the type of prisoners and the hard conditions in Sub-Attica.

Warden Byron Jurgens

Jurgens is rarely seen by the prisoners, generally staying on the Administrative levels; when he is seen, he's usually with a number of security guards dealing with unruly prisoners. Very no-nonsense, he leaves most of the prison's discipline in the hands of the his security chief -- when he becomes involved personally, it does not tend to end well for the prisoners involved.

Jurgens is a white male human in his early 40s, usually with a few days worth of beard growth on his chin and an athletic build.

Security Chief Audrey Malloy

Malloy was previously the security chief at Riker's Island, and successfully ended a massive riot there in 2057 which originally brought her to the attention of Proteus. When they bought the prison, she was hired away from Winter Systems to take over the security at Sub-Attica.

Malloy is a six foot tall black woman with close-cropped hair, built like the ex-soldier that she is.

Doctor Hassan

Hassan is the head of the medical wing, the only department head kept during the transfer from Yakashima to Proteus. The prisoners generally regard him neutrally -- while no one is particularly friendly with him, he treats most of the prisoners decently, especially those who work in the medical wing. However, Hassan does keep a tight fist on the prison's medical supplies, making sure they are not falling into prisoners' hands for recreational use.

Hassan is an Arabic human male, with a slight build and greying hair, probably in his late 50s.

"Hairy Jake"

Hairy Jake works in the prison Supply department and is one of the staff members that regularly trades "hard sell" to the prisoners. Most of Hairy Jake's "clients" trade sexual favors in order to get the drugs and other items from him, which they then trade to other prisoners in turn. He'll sell almost anything for the right price, aside from obvious weapons and anything else that would be missed by the other staff.

Many prisoners and staff find him to be distasteful at best; his hygeine is as dubious as his manner most of the time. Jake is a scruffy-bearded man of medium height and build, with greasy brown hair.

The Prisoners

The prisoners in Sub-Attica are an odd mix; some are infamous terrorists, drug kingpins, or serial killers -- but others are deckers, smugglers, or street dealers who got the book thrown at them due to strict sentencing guidelines. This can lead to some strange bedfellows.

"13" (Andrew Faelin)

13, so named because that is how many life sentences he's serving, runs the entire prisoner population like the lord of the manor. He takes a cut of every deal in the prison and can get his hands on anything -- cigarettes, drugs, BTLs, even some electronics. Obviously, he has contacts in the supply and maintenance staff, maybe even the security and medical staff as well. Built like an ork, with a head of curly bleached white hair, he cuts a striking figure that is almost as imposing as his reputation.

Faelin is a convicted terrorist, connected to both the Knights of the Red Branch and Alamos 20K; he was personally behind the assassinations of two UCAS federal judges and several family members, as well as three prominent members of Boston's elven community. His reputation has given him a loyal following among other inmates that share his anti-metahuman views, and many of the others do as he says out of fear.


Crispy used to be known mostly for his sarcastic wit -- until another prisoner decided to throw half-melted ore in his face to shut him up. Now, Crispy just works in the kitchen and wears a mask and gloves to cover the burns on his face and hands. He's still sarcastic, but tends to be a bit more low-key these days.


Geek is another of the "soft" criminals held at Sub-Attica, and has adapted about as well as he can to prison life. Geek is an avid reader and assists the activities coordinators by teaching Literature classes, for which he is allowed to run a small prison library (mostly hardcopies; the staff tries to keep any kind of electronics out of the hands of the inmates, considering that many of them are deckers). Geek gets along well with most inmates and even many of the staff, who also use his library from time to time.

Geek is a tall man with dark hair, shaved on the sides of his head, with a goatee and glasses.

Marlena Napoli

An attractive young woman who only arrived at the prison about six months ago, she spends most of her time with the other "soft" criminals in the prison, mostly deckers and other techie types. She seems to have an uncanny ability to pick up on people who are lying to her, which makes it hard for others to get close to her.


Needle is one of the mercies assigned to permanent duty in the laundry due to his injury (a bad accident destroyed both his legs). He also lost an eye in the same accident and as a result wears an eyepatch now. Needle is also a tailor, and spends a good deal of time patching and fixing the clothes of the other inmates and staff.


P-Top is the prison's resident drug distributor, presumably trading sexual favors with supply or medical personnel for her stash. She has almost any kind of drug or chip you'd want -- downers, uppers, Kong chips, California Hots, you name it, and she deals it like calculating businesswoman she is. She manages to remain mostly neutral in prison politics, and pays off a few other prisons to act as her bodyguards just in case someone tries to get rough with her.

P-Top is a human female of average height with curly blond hair covering her head. She has a slight build and a standoffish manner.

"Rich Ricky"

As his name implies, Rich Ricky always seems to be high on something, either drugs, cigarettes, or the fumes of molecular adhesive -- it's just whatever he can get his hands on at the time. He and Geek, his cellmate, seem pretty tight, but he can be erratic depending on what his high of choice is for that day.

Ricky has a head of dirty blond dreadlocks, thin glasses, and the smell of whatever drug he's on at the moment following him around.


Ryerson is a model prisoner, who has managed to build up enough trust for a permanent job handling prisoner rec time allowances. Because of this, he can't afford to let things slide by -- some of the prisoners don't appreciate his diligence and he's had to buy "bodyguards" by giving them some extra rec time. He seems amiable enough, even to noobs, making him stand out from the rest of the prisoners.

Ryerson is a soft-featured man of average height, with long braided blond hair.


Sandman is 13's right hand man; no one is quite sure who he is or what he did to get to Sub-Attica, but he has been in the prison for only slightly less time than 13's 4 years. The tall Rastafarian claims to be a voodoo houngan -- no one is really sure, but those who cross 13 or his cadre tend to suffer an unusual number of "accidents" and strange nightmares to give it creedence. Unfortunately, nothing can be proven, so the guards tend to dismiss prisoners who try to complain.

"Sweet D"

Sweet D is a nosy, pushy man who seems to try to make everything his business, while at the same time he is one of the major sources of "hard sell" for prisoners. Most of the prisoners do not trust him, but still deal with him because he's one of the easier sources of valuable commodities. A lot of people call him "Hairy Jake's cousin," because the two are both about as distrusted (although Sweet D is the better-groomed of the two).


Teeth used to be a real smooth talker -- before Rough Sally found out what he did to get in jail (murdering six wives for the insurance money) and punched out all his teeth. Now he wears a bandanna over his jaw and sticks close to 13 and his cronies for protection. These days, he stays away from women (since they know his reputation) and Rough Sally especially.

Terrence the First

The oldest living prisoner on Sub-Attica, he has been a resident of the facility for more than 20 years and has to be in his 60s or 70s. No one is quite sure what he did to land here (and he certainly won't talk about it), but most prisoners tend to give him a wide berth, as he is prone to ramble on if drawn into a conversation; otherwise, he generally keeps to himself most of the time.