Sub-Attica Campaign Log

3 February 2005

Doc B, Betty, and Lodoc (as well as the other characters, who had not yet joined us for actual play) arrived at Sub-Attica via submarine in the evening of 21 September 2061, after spending most of a very long day shackled into their seats. Their first introduction to the station was the massive transplast shell of Agridome 1, which gave an unrestricted view of the inky blackness at the 1500 meter depths of the Atlantic.

The prisoners were addressed by the prison's warden, Byron Jurgens, who gives them the following introduction to the facilities:

"Listen up, prisoners! I'm Warden Jurgens, and you have just entered the most secure prison on the face of the Earth. You have all received life sentences. You have all been forsaken by the world above. There is no escape from Sub-Attica -- one and a half kilometers below the surface, the pressure here is more than 100 times that of sea level.

"If you try to escape the prison, assuming you can get past the guards, and find a way out of one of the airlocks, the water at this depth is nearly freezing -- hypothermia will set in almost immediately. And if you survive that, the ascent will most likely kill you, assuming you do not drown first.

"However, because Sub-Attica is impossible to escape from, you will find that if you cooperate, this place is not so intolerable. Prisoners are allowed to roam the main habitation level freely during day hours. You have the freedom to use the conjugal rooms and recreation facilities, and the opportunity to perform honest work for a change.

"If you cross me and my men, however, I can and will make your life a living hell.

"Oh, and one more thing. Your next stop is the medical wing for your physical exam and PADD implantation. Your PADD is a small device implanted in the sinuses over the nose; it consists of a small explosive attached to a trigger mechanism. Every guard in the prison carries a device which can activate the explosive. In addition, if the device detects that the oxygen level in the atmosphere raises to a certain level -- such as sea level -- it will explode. No one has ever survived a PADD detonation. I suggest you remember that before you try anything stupid."

This "pep talk" set the prisoners' nerves on edge, especially a hefty ork who was shackled to Betty. As they were being herded towards the elevator by guards with stun batons, the ork stopped in his tracks and refused to move. After shouting that "nobody is going to put a fraggin' bomb in my head", he grabbed one of the guards and flew into a flurry of crazed fighting -- unfortunately rolling into the other prisoners and getting them caught up in the melee. The guards managed to subdue him with stun batons, but not before many of the other prisoners were also hurt. The guards dragged the wounded to the infirmary, while the rest of the prisoners were taken by elevator to the medical wing.

Doc B was the first to have his physical, followed by Betty and then Lodoc; the PADD implantation was hardly "painless," as Doctor Hassan had promised, but not intolerable. After the physical, each of them was led to their cells.

Betty's cellmate was an abrasive dwarf woman named Sally, and the two did not really get off to a great start, despite Betty trying to be somewhat ingratiating. Doc B got a better reception from Ryerson, his cellmate, who at least gave him his choice of bunk and locker, and made a bit of small talk with him. Lodoc drew a bandana-wearing Teeth, who seems to be a bit skittish around Betty's bunkmate, from what they saw in the cafeteria later. While he wasn't particularly friendly, he seemed to be more interested in being left alone than anything else.

The episode wrapped up as the prisoners all went to chow, where they saw the notorious terrorist Andrew Faelin push his way ahead in line, after which they collected their dinner of not-quite-identifiable mush and went to find a table where they could talk about their future plans....

17 February 2005

The prisoners settled in to their first week in prison on mining and foundry duty. Cross came out of the infirmary after suffering a concussion in the fight at the beginning of the last episode, meeting his cellmate, Sweet D. Sweet D talked a big game about being a good "supplier", but Cross expressed some doubt as to whether he could actually deliver.

Betty found out that the previous prisoner to have her bunk killed herself in solitary a few weeks ago; Doc B found out that his predecessor was killed in the flood of the basement. Lodoc had a short conversation with Rough Sally about Teeth, and found out that he reached his current condition after Sally decided to show him what she thought of his criminal past -- which evidently involved the murder of several wives for insurance money.

The new inmates then sat down to plan out their next move. They decided they needed to get a good look at the rest of the prison; they decided to try and work on getting into the other sections on their "choice" weeks. While they waited for their chance, they also decided to try some different lines of inquiry; Cross started to ask around about the flooding, Betty decided to try asking the other orks in the prison about who might have it out for them, and Lodoc tried to ask around about the warden, to see what he'd done before his stint in control of the prison.

They tossed around a few more complicated ideas -- inducing food poisoning or starting a brawl as a distraction -- but dismissed them as too risky or inappropriate for their services. Doc B was going to try to ingratiate himself with the medical staff to look around the medical wing, while the rest of the group would aim for supply or laundry, the two jobs that might get them access to the basement or the renovated level 4, the two most likely places Cross and the other suspect have what they're looking for.

24 February 2005

A week later, the prisoners had been able to spend some time trying to find out where to start their hunt for the secret project the government had sent them in looking for. During the week's trids, they managed to steal away and have a long conversation about what they'd been able to find out.

Lodoc led off the discussion and told everyone what he'd been able to find out about the warden -- unfortunately, not much. He did, however, find out that the security chief, Audrey Malloy, was hired by Proteus after she broke up a prison riot working for Winter Systems (in a particularly messy fashion, it sounded like, despite saving all the hostages).

Cross followed with something a bit more interesting; evidently, after the flood on level 6, the prisoners who worked Supply at the time started coming up with a lot of good hard sell -- mostly drugs. And, to top it off, some of the prisoners seemed to doubt that it could have been an accident -- just too many coincidences, especially since no one seemed to get caught for filching supplies at the same time.

After they returned to their cells, Betty asked Rough Sally where she could get some booze in the prison; Sally pointed to P-Top and Sweet D as possible sources, or "the sleaze in Supply." Doc B asked Ryerson if he'd been sleeping all right and mentioned that he'd been having some bad dreams; Ryerson told him there's a period of adjustment for everybody, Sub-Attica's a whole new level of pain from a prison on the surface.

Later that week, while Lodoc was helping Geek out in the library, he spotted Geek speaking with an Asian man in his mid-30s that Geek addressed only as "Doctor Pak". Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find out much more about who he was.

Doc B managed to talk to Marlena Napoli on his off hours, and the two made some small talk, but no shocking new truths were discovered. She suggested he spend less time with his metahuman friends if he wanted to avoid trouble with 13, though.

Cross asked Sweet D what it would take for him to get a lighter, some smokes, and some hard liquor; Sweet D told him to find him a copy of Melody Tyger's new Fearful Symmetry album and he would be able to deliver.